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Why You Need a Mobile Responsive Website Design!

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Featured Article

Why You Need a Mobile Responsive Website Design!

Responsive Website DesignTechnology and the internet are ever-changing landscapes. Innovations may be revolutionary at one point, and then become obsolete within a matter of months. 4 years ago, not many people even considered mobile friendly websites an option, let alone a necessity. Now mobile responsive and mobile compatible websites are all but a necessity for most, if not all businesses. As a consumer, how annoying is it when you visit the website of a business on your smartphone only to find that the website’s icons are too small, the links are cut off in landscape mode and the text is barely legible? It’s a frustrating discovery, to say the least. This situation only stresses the need for mobile responsive websites.

Some web design newcomers might ask what exactly is a mobile responsive website? Simply put, this type of website automatically adapts to whatever mobile device that the user may be on. For example, if a user is viewing your business’ website on the large, high resolution, HD screen on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and another user views it on a low resolution small HTC Droid Envy, they will both have the same experience, despite the stanch difference in smartphones. This also guarantees intuitive viewing on both a desktop computer and tablet, without the need for a COSTLY separate application.

LeadWebStudio’s Conversion to Responsive Web Design process will work to effectively rebuild your entire website, replicating every detail. In order to guarantee a seamless transition from platform to platform. Proper execution of this change may seem like an enormous endeavor to some, but for the design experts at LeadWebStudio, the venture seems absolutely effortless.

More and more people are relying on their smartphones as their primary source of information about a businesses, products or services. That number is growing at an incredibly rapid rate. Don’t let your business be left behind!

We invite you to contact us and see just how effective a mobile responsive website can be for your business.

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