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Get 64% More Visitors with Mobile Responsive Website Design

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Featured Article

Get 64% More Visitors with Mobile Responsive Website Design

64 Percent More Visitors for Mobile Responsive Websites

64% More website visitors when your business has a Mobile Responsive Website Design for them!

Did you know that over 64% of all web usage on a given day is from mobile devices? (inMobi, 2014) There is no denying that mobile web traffic is an incredibly fast growing and popular occurrence. In 2014, it has become all but essential that a business has a high functioning, quality website that is designed to cater to mobile users.

A visitor’s desired experience on a mobile website is vastly different than his or her experience on a traditional website. For one, mobile users often visit a given website to gain very specific information about an organization, such as hours, prices, phone number etc. Where as a visitor of a traditional website most often than not has the luxury of time. They may take more time to explore and see the unique features of a particular site. Both website formats are very important and equally necessary. Even the most well designed and impressive website will fall utterly short if it’s not formatted properly to be viewed on an iPhone or Galaxy phone.

LeadWebStudio offers it’s customers unparalleled quality in designing and implementing mobile responsive websites for any business or organization.

LeadWebStudio’s offers several services that prove invaluable to anyone looking break into the new standard of web surfing. They have a team of experienced designers skilled at making custom, mobile responsive websites for customers. They are also practiced at converting existing websites to mobile compatible formats. So whether you need a new website or are looking to improve your existing one, LeadWebStudio offers the services needed to give your customers a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

LeadWebStudio’s utilize state of the art designs and technologies in order to create memorable destinations. CSS3 as well as HTML5 are combined and utilized to create designs that look fantastic on any size or resolution screen. HTML5 is unique in that it will constantly “rebuild” itself in order to properly appear on any mobile device, whether it’s an iPad, an iPhone, a galaxy, a droid or any other cell. This technology also makes it possible for the site to be viewed either vertically or horizontally with all icons and photos instantly reformatted to the perfect size.

We invite you to contact us and see just how effective a mobile responsive website design can be for your business.

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